Spring Birds in Okinawa

The weather is warming, and with the Sugarcane harvest over, many birds come to the Okinawan islands.  Since spring is mating season, many of the birds have been far more apparent than usual as they show off.  This blue bird is a male Blue Rock Thrush that likes to hang out around my garden.  He was dancing around in a pattern, moving through three different spots continuously.  It’s mate is grey and loves to eat worms from the Gaijin’s Garden.

I also tend to see several types of Egret around Okinawa in the spring.  So far I’ve been able to capture four types with my camera.  The first is the Cattle Egret.  This bird is small and white, but has a reddish-brown blush during this season.

The Great Egret is the one flying, and has an all yellow beak that tapers into its head.

The Intermediate Egret is smaller than the great, has black and yellow beak, and a few elongated plumes.

The Little Egret is even smaller and hangs out in ponds looking for fish.  It has a black beak and legs.

The other birds you’ll see are a kiji, mandarin duck, and another bird I wasn’t able to identify.

Here’s a quick little video of the Rock Thrush’s call and dance

I used Avi Base and Wikipedia to determine bird type.  If I got one wrong let me know!