School Lunch Apr 12-18

Thursday April 12









Milk, yakisoba, fried pumpkin sandwich, vegetable soup

Yakisoba is a common Japanese dish, especially during summer bbqs.  Usually soba (buckwheat) noodles are used, but often spaghetti is used instead.  Yaki means fried or baked, so the dish is fried noodles.  Usually vegetables are fried on a large pan.  Meat and noodles are added and a slightly sweet sauce added just before serving.  The pumpkin sandwich sounds a bit strange, but it was essentially just a croquet.  I think they put the pumpkin between thin slices of bread to make it easier to bread and fry without losing its shape.

Friday April 13









Milk, mozuku don, marinated beansprout salad, new summer citrus

Don is essentially a rice bowl, so a mozuku don, is a bowl of rice topped with mozuku.  In this case the tasty seaweed was cooked with vegetables and meat. The texture was similar to the inside of okra and natto, so if you’re not a fan of semi-slimy this one isn’t for you.  The marinade on the salad was slightly sweet with a vinegar base.

*On a side note, when I asked my students what day it was, one of the classes shouted “Jason!” in reference to Friday the 13th*

Monday April 15









Milk, millet rice, vegetable chanpuru, uzu and miso baked fish, A-sa soup

This one’s pretty Japanese. A-sa is a type of fine seaweed.  You don’t so much eat it as drink it.  The fish had just a little bite to it thanks to the uzu.

Tuesday April 17









Milk, pork curry rice, pickle salad

I couldn’t have planned my Tuesday post on Curry Rice any better, or worse.  I love the meal, but had no idea we’d be having it.  I usually don’t look ahead on the menus so that I can stay surprised.  This curry was similar to the one I made last Sunday night (and the one I’ve been eating for dinner every day this week). Instead of chicken, pork was used.  The pickle salad was mostly comprised of cucumber and takuan, the famous pickled daikon [giant white radish].  Over ita ll was a marinade similar to Friday’s but with a salty punch.

Wednesday April 18









Milk, brown sugar bread, scotch egg, salad, consomme soup

This one is only saved from being a 1 by the salad and the fact I’ve never heard of other countries making bread with brown sugar…  The soup was great and had  napa style cabbage.  The scotch egg is a boiled and shelled egg surrounded by minced meat, breading and then fried.  The bread was slightly sweet but was still a yeast bread.  The salad was classic ham, dikon, cucumbers and carrots.

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