School Lunch April 9-11

It’s BACK!  School started up again, so this week we have three meals for the new year.

Monday April 9








Milk, barley rice, fried egg with mozuku, combu irichi, miso soup

This lunch’s main dish is thinly sliced seaweed (combu) tossed with other vegetables and meat in a fry pan (or wok).  The soup had shitake mushrooms and pork.

Tuesday April 10








Milk, bread rolls, cabbage stir fry, baked fish, vegetable soup, strawberry jam

This meal is either confused or fusion.  I’ll let you decide.  The Fish was baked with a tomato sauce and cheese on top.  I ended up making that into a sandwich and dipping the rest of my bread in the soup.  I found the jam pretty useless so I gave it to another teacher.  The cabbage stir fry was good, but very similar to what I ended up making for dinner the other day.

Wednesday April 11








Milk, barley rice, teriyaki chicken, bean sprout salad, seaweed and daikon soup

This is a pretty classic meal, and chicken is always popular, though not as common as in the States.  The salad was served cold with tofu in a vinegary sauce.