The Gaijin’s Garden – A Spring Start

Spring announced its presence with a wrathful storm across Japan the other day, but that just means the oceans are beginning to warm.   With the change in temperatures will come the heat and humidity of summer.  Last year I battled the heat with a green curtain.  My housing was on the first floor and I had great big sliding doors that faced the sun.  By planting summer vine vegetables, namely goya, I was able to reduce the temp inside the house and also have a supply of fresh food.

I’m in a new place this year, and on the second floor, but I’ve still managed to stake out a bit of land for a garden.  Its stuck behind a parking spot, and isn’t the best soil, but I from now on, I’ll be following the progress of several summer vegetables that are (relatively) easy to manage.

Don’t worry!  Even if you’re stuck in Tokyo, or on the 100th floor, you can still take advantage of the stress relief and enjoyment of growing some of your own food.  I’m still preparing my own space, and I’ll have posts on that soon, but for today, here’s a look at the ghost of gardens past.