Kastella Cakes

There are a lot of different types of omiyage in Japan, but perhaps one of the most famous is Kastella Cakes.  Castella is a type of  fluffy sponge cake with roots in Portugal that is now a specialty of Nagasaki.  One brand in particular, Kastella, is famous throughout the country.  During our school trip, we purposely stopped at the Kastella factory just to get omiyage for the students and teachers back home.

The original Kastella flavor is honey, but there are many more now.  Our tour bus dropped us off in their parking lot and the students were left to browse on their own, while us teachers got ushered into a back room.  There we were offered coffee and plenty of cake to try so that we could place orders for everyone who didn’t get to go.  Omiyage is such a big deal in Japan, that Kastella shipped the order straight to the island so that we didn’t have to lug it through the rest of our trip.  Afterward, we got to see an awesome sunset over the bay.