10,000 Drummers Drumming

Japan has the little drummer boy beat on all counts.  There are many kinds of traditional drumming in Japan, but perhaps one of the most original is Eisa.  In Okinawa, Eisa is a cross between dance and music, with performers moving in a limited fashion while beating a variety of portable drums.  Sometimes these performances include music and calls.

In August there is an even on the main Okinawan Island on Kokusai-dori (dori = street, a popular tourist destination) in Naha City, where 10,000 Eisa performers drum in a parade along that popular street.  Here are a few pictures from the even I caught back in 2009.  If you’ll be in Okinawa the first week of August you can see this amazing event, and even try your hand at Eisa!

*The first picture is of a shirt at the event.  Eisa is spelled incorrectly ^_^