School Lunch March 8-14

Thursday March 8








Milk, millet rice, sukiyaki, ‘island’ burger, orange

This meal is a level 4 on the Japan scale, being held back only by the orange (instead of the more Japanese mikan) and ‘burger.’  The shima burger (aka island burger) is mostly made of squid and tasted nothing like a hamburger.  Sukiyaki was a mix of beef and other vegetables fried up together.

Friday March 9

This is the day iOS5.1 came out… my phone was still working on the update and since we had limited time I wasn’t able to get a picture. Sorry!

Milk, barley rice, “sangiri irichi,” “sakuna no kakiage,” “inamudouchi”

Monday March 12

For the Junior High, this was a day off in return for having attended the graduation ceremonies on the 10th.

Tuesday March 13








Milk, barley rice, meat ‘shinoda,’ oden, apple

This meal is pretty Japanese.  Oden is a mix of boiled vegetables and meat.  In this case with quail eggs, combu, daikon, green peas, and more.  The shinoda were inari (bean curd pockets) stuffed with meat and vegetables.

Wednesday March 14








Milk, bread, hamburger, cheese salad, blueberry jelly, vegetable soup

This one is pretty gaikoku.  The only thing Japanese about this meal is the fact that they made cheese into a salad.  Very small diced cheese with cabbage and carrots in a mayo based dressing.  The blueberry jelly was for the bread, but I opted to eat this as it should be: Tear out the middle of the bread for improvised  soup dumplings, and put the meat and salad into the bread as burger and toppings.  I gave the jelly away, though I probably could have saved some bread since it was so much bigger than the meat.

This weekly post may be rather limited over the next three weeks as the school lunch center takes a break along with the change in the Japanese School year.  In the mean time, I’ll think of something to entertain your hungry senses.