School Lunch March 1-7

Thursday March 1








Milk, Taco Rice, Seaweed Soup, Grape Fruit

Taco Rice is a classic Okinawan adaptation of the Mexican taco.  Instead of shell or tortilla meat, cheese, and vegetables are placed over white rice.  This meal is saved from being a corn-dog by the accompanying seaweed soup with tofu.  Something you’d be hard pressed to find in Mexico.  For an awesomely healthy version of this dish, try my recipe.

One drawback to this dish is the grapefruit. Most students (and I) finish off the milk last to wash everything down.  The acid from the desert fruit makes this not so fun, so I always finish off the grapefruit before I finish my main course.

Friday March 2









Milk, Chirashi Zushi, baked fish, clear soup, hina arare

This is the meal presented for Hina Matsuri.  The main part of the dish, Chirashi Zushi is an ‘extravagant’ dish for special occasions.  This version had salmon mixed in with the rice.  The soup was a clear broth with seaweed and mushrooms.  This one is all Japanese.  It is also one of the Junior High 3rd graders’ last requested meals.

Monday March 5








Milk, barley rice, Chikuzen, baked stuffed fishes, Shitake soup

This kyusshoku is all Japanese.  The fishes are stuffed with eggs and are meant to be eaten whole.  These fishies are even bigger than the ones we had a few weeks ago.  Not all the students I ate with finished off the heads and tails, but most did.

Chikuzen is the old name for Fukuoka-ken in Kyushu.  This is a dish named for the place.  It consists of boiled and seasoned vegetables.  In this case, mushrooms, chicken, bamboo shoots, carrots, and more.

Tuesday March 6








Milk, fried chocolate bread, sesame bean sprout salad, pumpkin omelet, tomato soup

This is one of the soon-to-graduate 3rd grade class requests.  The bread is a variation of a fried flour powdered bread.  This one gets a three.  Although there isn’t much traditional in this meal, all of it has been adapted.

Wednesday March 7








Milk, purple rice, vegetable salad, Takitori skewered meat balls, mozuku soup, taiyaki

This meal is another all Japanese one.  The purple rice is flavored with shiso aka perilla.  Shiso is a herb that comes in green and red.  The red version is used to dye umeboshi (the sour plum often found in onigiri).  The purple rice is flavored with the pickled shiso  The salad is komatsuna and mushroom with a Japanese vinegar dressing.



Mozuku is a seaweed produced locally in Kumejima’s waters.  This soup has leek, mosuku, and tofu in broth.





Taiyaki is a common pastry in Japan.    Dough is pressed into a two-sided grill and filled with sweet bean paste then shut to form the snack.  This one is in the form of a fish.