Flaming Nabe

It’s on Fire! Winter is coming to a close, but there are still plenty of cold places around the world.  If you don’t know what nabe is, you’re missing out.  Perhaps you’d like to checkout the post I did on the Japanese hot-pot awhile back.

We had this version of nabe at one of our regular moai meetings.  Instead of   the usual broth bases (soy, kimchi, miso, and dashi are just a few) this time they used a strong sake with combu (a type of seaweed used in seasoning).  The sake they used (awamori) was of a high proof so that it would burn off.  After being heated to boiling, our host lit the pots to burn of the alcohol.  As with regular nabe this one had a variety of meats and vegetables shown in the video.  You might notice that regular pots were used.  You don’t even need any special equipment, though the portable burners are convenient.

If you do decide to try this one out, be careful and have a fire extinguisher ready.  Do so at your own delicious risk!

Since the video was pretty short, here’s a few pictures of some other great food we’ve had at our moai meetings!











Lobster Nabe










The gyoza and clams were at the same event.  The clams were grilled over charcoal.  I’ll explain the gyoza in a more detailed post later ^_^.  The Lobster Nabe was pretty extravagant and contained several kinds of fish, vegetables, tofu, etc.  This was served at the end of year meeting which is always a bit more significant.  Of course, one time we also had…



For one of our meetings they asked me to make pizza, so I ginned up some home-made pizza dough and topped 12 pizzas with various authentic and more Japanese variations.  The one above includes goya (which you can read about here) and fresh tuna.  Other variations included oyster and the mozuku (a type of stringy seaweed dark in color and a bit slimy in texture, but baking takes that texture out) I won singing karaoke.