Katsuren Castle

When you hear about Okinawa, you probably envision white sandy beaches, tropical forests, and a bunch of American military.  Well you’re right on those, but Okinawa also has a lot of history, and along with that history are a lot of castles.  A friend of mine on the mainland knows about my interest in those so every once in a while when I fly in, he loads up his family and we all go sightseeing. Last time I was in town, we went to Katsuren Castle in Uruma City, Okinawa.  Here are a few pictures from the trip!

Katsuren Castle is a World Heritage Site.  It is composed of five enclosures on the top of a tall hill.  The view from the top of the first enclosure looks out over surrounding lowlands and the ocean.  It’s a great place to stop by for a few hours, but be aware that there are some steep slopes.  The site is not the most disabled friendly place.  If you are touring Okinawa its worth the stop, and can be enjoyed in about an hour.

The castle is named for the first Ryukyu lord to hold the castle.  Ten more lords held it after, the final being Awamori.