Emperor Nintoku’s Kofun

One of the things I love about Japan is its rich history.  Unlike America, which  has only been around for a historical blip, Japan has been going for hundreds of years.  One of the interesting historical tid bits are the Kofun, the ancient tombs of the Kofun period (huh, wonder why they chose that name for the 3rd-7th century…).

I dutifully took Japanese Civilization at the University of Arizona and we eventually covered the keyhole-shaped tombs. They were so interesting and rather unique that for a long time I had wanted to visit one.  When I went to Osaka, I ditched my travel buddies to seek out a bit of history a short rail ride away.  Unlike aerial photos these aren’t as magical as I hoped. The major kofun are of such major historical importance that you can’t actually go on them.  Still, here are a few pictures from my trip so that you can spend your time shopping or hitting up Osaka Castle instead.