School Lunch Feb 9-15

Friday February 15








Milk, barley rice, mackerel, boiled vegetables, noodle soup, and pineapple jelly.

The jelly is the only thing holding this one back from 5.  Rice and Fish doesn’t get much more Japanese.

Friday February 10

Unfortunately, this day the school I was scheduled at had off, so I went to a different school but had to go get a bento (Japanese lunch box) instead of eating the school lunch.  No picture, sorry!








Milk, barley rice, egg, seaweed stir fry, and mushroom soup.

This one gets a five.  The seaweed (I think it was finely sliced combu) part was especially nice.

Tuesday February 14








Milk, meat sauce spaghetti, vegetable salad, and chocolate pudding.

This one is far from Japanese.  They didn’t even Japanize the spaghetti like they usually do (not that I’m complaining).  Usually for school spaghetti its dry and so cooked down together that there really isn’t any sauce.  With nothing to keep the noodles with the veggies you end up with a pile of stuff after finishing off the noodles.  This time we actually got a proper meat sauce that was nice, just not Japanese.  Since it was Valentine’s Day, everyone got chocolate pudding too!

Wednesday February 15








Milk, ‘deep-fried flour’ bread, cheese filled meatballs, salad, and consomme soup.

This was one of the junior high’s third grade request.  The bread was powdered with a slightly sweet kinakoage (deep fried flour) powder.  The bag is there to keep the powder from getting everywhere while you try to eat it.  The soup was very good with different veggies and even a little bit of heat.  I would have preferred those meatballs with the previous day’s spaghetti, but such is life.