My 2012 Valentine’s Day in Japan

So I’ve already explained a bit about Valentine’s Day in Japan, but thought I’d take a minute to highlight what I experienced this year.  As with most mornings, I started out watching the morning NHK news coverage.  During the weather coverage they showed a cartoon guy holding an umbrella and a bunch of presents, and warned men to be careful of getting their presents wet.  Behind him was a worried looking woman holding a heart-shaped box.

I also caught the following clip from the Kyushu (regional) portion of the news broadcast.

For those of you who don’t speak Japanese, this video is mostly just a spot on a school that had its students do flower arranging for Valentine’s Day.  The teacher explained how men give flowers in America.

For Lunch, everyone got some chocolate pudding in a heart-shaped container!

When I got to school in the morning there was a box of chocolates from the female teachers on my usual desk, and I received a couple more items throughout the day.  Here are a few pictures of some of the chocolate I got.








Thanks to everyone who gave me stuff! I’ll have to start working on my White Day plans.