School Lunch Feb 2-8

Thursday February 2nd








Milk, Chahan (like fried rice, Okinawan style), Chingensai Salad, Harusamu Soup (clear noodles and shitake in broth), and Raichi Jelly

This one sits pretty high on the Japanese scale.  The Jello desert and SPOON mostly held it back.  Very tasty.  Chahan is similar to fried rice, except the underlying seasoning is more similar to chanpuru, a mixture of soy, dashi, and garlic provide the awesome taste.

Friday February 3rd








Milk, Nori (seeweed paper), miso soup, sushi rice, natto, egg, hot dog, pickled daikon, bean and nut mix.

Ok… You see the hot dog and are asking me why the meter isn’t pointing at the corn dog… SUPER not Japanese right?  Wrong!  This is the meal we had for Setsubun.  It was also the most interactive meal I’ve had in a while.  Plus where else can you get natto (Ok, I haven’t done it yet but I see the need for a post on this fine food.  Bear with me, it’s coming!).  The star here, is of course the sushi rice which is slightly sweet/sour because of the sugar and rice vinegar that was added.  To eat this meal you take a sheet of seaweed add some rice, and then natto, or one of the three ingredients on the upper left, in any combo you want!  All of these together could be made into long maki sushi rolls which are another popular Setsubun treat.  The bag of beans was desert!

This meal was super tasty and fun.

Monday February 6th








Milk, Ma-mina- Chanpuru, miso baked fish, barley rice, A-sa soup.
This one gets a 4 on the Japan meter.  Everything was great but the chanpuru and soup fell more on the Okinawan side of things.

Tuesday February 7th

This was a half day, so there was no school.  Want to see a bit of what I did after the kids went home?  Check out this post!

Wednesday February 8th






Milk, Nan, Kimu Curry, Vegetable soup, fried blue potato croquet, Acerola (like cherry) jelly.

This is so not Japanese (again SPOON)… But it was one of the third grade junior high’s request.  Overall delicious. The blue potato is a sweeter treat and traditional food on special occasions, such as yesterday’s the 16th day of Kyureki holiday.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos and look into this weeks’ school lunches in Japan!  If you have more questions about anything let me know!