For your entertainment, here’s a bit of me singing 島の人よ by 池田卓 (thats Shima no Hito yo by Suguru Ikeda), for the Kumejima Sakura Festival Karaoke competition.  I ended up getting fourth.  The prizes included a shampoo set (made from the deep-sea water from Kume), Mozuku, and a bottle of awamori.

Karaoke is a popular cultural activity in Japan.  Often groups will rent rooms, etc.  with friends and sing, eat and drink together.  It’s a convenient way to let loose, and interact with coworkers without changing (much) your work ‘image.’

In this case, after hearing me sing this song after our end of year party, my co-workers asked me to participate in the competition.  They all had fun cheering me on (and laughing).  I think I’ll take some of that Mozuku and make some seaweed pizza for revenge  as thanks…