Today is Setsubun

Hi, today is Setsubun, a Japanese holiday where many Japanese people throw beans (or other items) around their house to ward off demons.  Here’s an article at Just Hungry that has another take on Setsubun.

When I lived on Kitadaito Island, two teachers would dress up in demon costumes and visit the kindergarten.  The kids would get handfuls of the beans and throw them at the teachers until they ran away.

Along with events at the home, beans are usually served with School Lunch on February 3rd.  The beans are very dry, but are good luck for the coming year.  For the students they were mixed with a few nuts and some sweeter additions to help make them more palatable.

We also had natto with our meal, but I’ll cover that in next week’s Whats for Lunch.

What good luck traditions do you have?