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An Okinawan New Year

Last Week I posted an article on Mochi for New Years, and before that, one on Hagaki.  In Japan, New Years is just too big an event(s) for even two posts, so here is a third.  Coincidentally, this was my third New Years in Japan.  My first two years, I was living on Kitadaito Island and was warmly welcomed by a local family.  That island had a unique mix of mainland Japanese and Okinawan culture as it was settled by


It’s the New Year, and in Japan that means its time for mochi!   Mochi is a Japanese treat made from pounded rice.  While mochi is now eaten throughout the year, it’s a favorite for the New Year’s season.  It’s generally served as a stuffed dumpling with fillings varying by region, taste, and tradition.  On the left is a sweet bean filled mochi served on a getto leaf. How to Make Mochi Mochi starts out as cooked (steamed) white rice.   Small

Shabu Shabu

Its getting cold, even down in Okinawa, and that means warm food.  Many Japanese people spend their winter the same way people in other countries do, by getting together with friends and family and sharing the warmth.  One way they do this is food. Shabu Shabu is a type of meal similar to nabe.  Like nabe, Shabu Shabu is a hot-pot meal. The ingredients can be prepared beforehand, leaving the host relatively free to talk and spend time with the other

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