School Lunch JAN 19-25

Welcome to my latest series What’s For Lunch.  Roughly every Thursday, I’ll try to bring you pictures of the meals kids eat here from the last week.  Since I’m a teacher, I get to eat them too.  Below will be short descriptions, a rating bar from Japanese to NOT, and occasional recipes.  I hope you find it an interesting look into life in Japan.









Milk, Rice, Vegetable Chanpuru, mini-hamburger, and Nakami Soup

A pretty decent lunch, more on the Okinawan side of the menu than Japanese.  The hamburger keeps it from being a 4.  Chanpuru is a type of mixed dish, there are many varieties.  One of my favorite is Goya Chanpuru but that’s a summer food.









Milk, Curry Rice, Sweet Vinegar Cucumbers

Curry didn’t come from Japan, but this is probably the most popular meal for Japanese kids. Curry rice is white rice served with a curry rue of boiled vegetables and meat.  One of my favorites as well.









Milk, black and white rice, fried blue potatoes, roasted squash, and rib-meat miso soup with daikon.

This was the meal we had for the Lunar New Year.  The blue potatoes and black rice are traditional foods for the New Year in Okinawa.  It’s a Level 4 on the Japan-o-meter because well, Okinawa and Japanese aren’t quite the same.









Milk, sweet bread, Papaya salad, broiled fish, Mozuku (seaweed) soup.

Though it has the soup and fish going for it, Bread is SO not Japanese. The papaya salad, though Japanized (ie covered in mayo … why did they learn that one and not decent cheese?), is more Okinawan.









Milk, Okinawan Soba, sweet vinegar marinated vegetables (chingensai), mikan (small orange).

OK, so we’re having a lot of Okinawan food this week.  I live in Okinawa, in a place pretty close to China.  Okinawa is part of Japan.  The thing is, Okinawan food is influenced by Japanese and Chinese (and even American) foods.  For the purpose of this series, its gotta be straight Japan to get a 5 on the meter.  I love Okinawan soba, but its roots aren’t really from the mainland.

Japanese food also tends to be more seasonal, so we’ll likely be getting a lot of root vegetables and certain kinds of leafy veggies, like the Chingensai.

I hope you found this interesting, maybe a little informative, or at least entertaining.  I found them all delicious.

What’s your FAVORITE food from your own School Lunches? Comment below!