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Its a little warmer this week than last, but winter is definitely stalking Japan.  As November draws to a close and bonenkai (there will be many end of year parties) season starts up another Japanese tradition will begin popping up through houses across Japan.  Nabe is a Japanese winter tradition with as many variations as there are places in Japan.  Nabe is essentially a hot pot, a way to keep away the cold and bring friends together. Here’s my take: What


Just as stoves are different in Japan, compared to those in America, so too are ovens.  Many of the reasons are the same, but Japan’s history plays its role here too.  Japanese ovens are usually small electric affairs rather than built-in behemoths.  As with many Japanese appliances, ovens are packed with features.  Mine steams, microwaves, grills, and has several oven settings all in one compact box.  The size fits with the smaller kitchens and lack of space in some Japanese houses.

Culture in the Kitchen

History comes to life in every aspect of Japanese culture, it even comes into play in the kitchen. If we understand culture in the kitchen we can perhaps understand more about Japanese Culture at large. Gender Roles Even before social castes in Japan formally divided people into formal groups, women had their specific roles to play in society.   From once being Empresses they progressively became ever more connected to the home.  During World War Two they were called upon