The Post Box

About a month ago I made my first major move in Japan.  I spent the last three years living on a small island in the Pacific, surprising many with how well I adjusted to such a unique living experience.  I had gone from a big city to a small ‘town’ and did just fine.  This time around I moved to another Island in Japan, but instead of a population of 550, the population here is closer to 10,000.  I drive a car to work, have multiple schools, and no longer know all my students, but things were still going well enough.  I had thought I had made the transition without any snafus.

I had internet going (a feat in Japan where it can often take a month or more to get internet connected).  All my bills were set to be deducted automatically from my accounts.  I had bought and registered my car and even got insurance taken care of.  While I have yet to teach at any Elementary schools yet (I’ll be teaching at 6 once a month), I have finished my self introductions in all the Junior High classes I’ll be doing, and getting to know my coworkers and students.

Yesterday I found my mailbox.

You are probably asking how I could miss something like a mailbox for an entire month (ok more than a month).  Back at my old place all my mail was dropped in the slot in my door, there is even a basket there specifically built to catch the mail.  At the new place there is a similar slot in the door.  Whenever packages arrive, they come to my door, and while I was slightly surprised at how little mail I was getting, there was an occasional receipt dropped in from the meter readers.  Then I noticed the little red boxes under the stairs.


Sure enough there was a box with my apartment number on it bulging with a month’s worth of newsletters, notices, bills (oops) and instructions for turning on the internet (luckily I’m one of those ‘I don’t need instructions’ kinda guys).  So after a quick trip to the bank to pay a nearly past due electric bill and get NHK off my back, I am finally back on track.

Well done Japan.  After three years, you finally got me.