Back to School

Once again, it is back to school in Japan.  With summer vacation creeping to a close teachers are busy preparing while students scramble to find someone from whom to copy their summer homework.  Junior High School students also have a multi-subject test to look forward to early next week.  From now until the start of winter break will be the second of three semesters in Japan.  Second semester is known for the wide variety of events (especially sports) that take place as the weather begins to cool.

Many Japanese festivals are harvest festivals and will take place over the next few months.  Add on the occasional typhoon and it becomes an exciting time.  This is also when new JETs start working at their various placements throughout Japan.  I look forward to getting to know the two new Junior Highs I will be working at, and later the six elementary schools as well.  The fun continues for me this week with another sumo competition.  Later in the semester will be the Kumejima Marathon, undokai, and other events.  Stay tuned!