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Ingredients 1 Eggplant (nasu) 1 Onion (tamanegi) 1 Carrot (ninjin) 5 Small Okra (okura) Meat *optional* 1 Bell Pepper (piman) 2 cups Tempura/Cake Flour ¾ cup water 2 eggs Oil Salt 2 tsp. Powdered Garlic Recipe Cut Onion, Carrot, and Bell Pepper in thin strips about two inches long, and place in a large bowl.  Bell Peppers can be cut thinner than the others, but generally you want everything to be about the same width and length.  Cut Okra very


Tourism is huge in Japan.  Back before there were cars, there were the great roads where travelers would walk between the big cities, stopping along the way at rest houses for food and sandal repair.  In the days of the shogunate, the shogun required the daimyo (regional lords) to keep houses in Tokyo and to travel between their own Estates and houses.  Whenever they traveled their families and retinues would go as well, creating whole industries around supporting the frequent