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The Japan Status – Spring ’11

  Here’s the first in series intended to be a snapshot of Japan as it is right now.  There is no way I can be as all inclusive as I would like, but hopefully this will paint a general picture about where Japan is now. Physically Japan is recovering from March earthquakes and tsunami.  The nuclear power plant is slowly being brought under control, but still poses risks.  At least one reactor has significantly melted, though it does not appear

Omiyage- Gift Giving in Japan

Do you like souvenirs?  Do you collect trinkets?  Maybe you love trying various foods that are unique to a town or area.  You should probably live in Japan. Japan is (arguably) the center of gift giving culture in the world.  For those of you that point to Christmas in western cultures, Hanukkah, or other massive gift exchanges you’d be right.  For single events Japanese does not stand toe to toe with a pile of presents around a Christmas tree.   But then I