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Japanese Table Manners

Do you live in Japan?  Do you want to?  Want to eat without looking like a fool, or even worse offending someone?  Take a look below for some quick tips on eating in Japan.     What’s in a meal? Generally meals in Japan are not served on one plate.  At restaurants and some houses your meal is brought on a tray with a variety of plates and bowls, each containing one element of the meal.  Rice in a bowl

Eggplant and Goya Taco Rice

Taco Rice is a staple of Okinawan cuisine.  A Japanese take on a Mexican or Spanish Taco it is generally served with taco meat over rice with cheese and occasionally some garnish.  This dish, like many Okinawan foods is simple in that it is mostly protein and carbs.  Unfortunately, it leaves much to be desired for vitamins etc.  My take on Taco Rice includes four vegetables to give it more of a kick. Hope you like it. Ingredients 400g (about