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Goya Chanpuru Recipe

Goya Chanpuru (mixed in Okinawan Hogen) is a traditional Okinawan dish.  There are many ways to make Chanpuru since its essentially just a mix of whatever you’d like.  Below is one method for making Goya Chanpuru.   You can add any other vegetables you like, or try it with the ones I put in.  When cooking I usually just eyeball everything and I suggest you do the same.  The numbers below are really just a guesstimate since I’ve never measured

Japanese Culture – Indirectness and Social Organization

In Japan, people generally do not come up to you and ask, “do you want to go to a party?”  Instead, many Japanese people with an invitation opt for a more round about approach.  They may ask if you are busy or try to find out if you have plans for a certain day or time, without first mentioning they would like to go out.  If you say you are free then they might give you the invitation.  This has led to